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We proudly present our project - Space Nations Battlearena: the first space arcade simulator in the battle-royal genre

Take the pilot seat in a space fighter. Fight large-scale battles against other players in solo or as four people wing with your friends. Gather useful resources to improve tactical and technical specs of your ship. Choose different modes - play in both PvP and PvE. Hone your combat skills in ranked matches. Good luck Commander!


Fight in the vastness of the solar system.

You will be able to win victories or be destroyed in such locations as: the asteroid belt, the wreckage of destroyed ships in the vicinity of interplanetary stations, as well as in the orbit of Jupiter and Ceres.

Carry out raids on interplanetary caravans.

From time to time, cargo ships jump out of hyperspace on the battlefield, which will remain in the battle area for a limited time. Fire at the hull of such ships to knock out containers with valuable resources from their docks

Collect items during the battle without being distracted from the battle.

Choose a container with resources as a target and send a special drone to collect the contents, which will independently extract everything of value and deliver the contents to the ship's cargo lock.